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Let yourself be charmed by these magnificent 3-sided fireplaces

One of a kind, the 3-sided fireplace is one of the most modern fireplaces on the market today. Whether it’s a gas, wood or electric fireplace, it adds style and elegance to the space, while providing comforting warmth during the long winter months.

Why buy a 3-sided fireplace?

Panoramic view of the fire

Whether gas, wood or electric, one of the main advantages of the 3-sided fireplace is that it offers an overview of the fire. It is very useful for open rooms that need to be divided. Installed in the middle of a room and surrounded by furniture, it will serve as both a room divider and a gathering place to relax with loved ones.

Better heat retention

It has been observed that the heat spreads less on the upper surface of the wall covering the 3-sided chimney. The risk of damaging electronic devices, frames or any other decorative object placed there is therefore reduced.

Ease of installation

Although the difficulty of installation (and therefore its cost) depends on the fuel used, a 3-sided fireplace is generally as easy to install as any other type of fireplace of the same fuel. In addition, as it is integrated inside the walls that dress the hearth fireplace, it also offers the possibility of using a wide variety of materials as a covering for the walls, even the most fragile. Gypsum, wallpaper, medium density fiberboard (MDF) are examples of materials that can generally be used on the wall surrounding your 3-sided fireplace.

Three models of 3-sided fireplaces to discover

Room Divider Large 3 sided gas fireplace

Foyer au gaz 3 faces Room Divider Large 3The gas fireplaces designed by the manufacturer Barbas Bellfires are made entirely to measure with durable and high quality materials. Among the models offered, there is a magnificent contemporary 3-sided gas fireplace: the Room Divider Large 3. Offered with a Magni-fire Flow burner, this appliance is ideal for harmoniously dividing a room. It offers several possibilities of recessing, and can be mounted in suspension.

Other features of the Barbas Bellfires 3-sided gas fireplace:

  • Polished or anti-reflective glass
  • Class A in energy efficiency
  • Natural gas, propane or butane appliances
  • Power (kW): 9.2kW, 9.4kW, 10, 1kW

Spartherm 3-sided wood fireplaces

foyer 3 faces au boisGerman supplier Spartherm offers unique collections with clean design and European charm. Here are two contemporary style 3-sided gas fireplace models that will offer you maximum comfort all winter long.

Spartherm Arte 3RL-Series Fireplace

Available in 3 different models, the hearths of the Arte 3RL-Series collection offer a breathtaking view of the fire with its three glass sides. Fueled by wood, the fireplaces are EPA certified and offer a heating capacity ranging from 19,000 to 49,000 BTUs.

foyer 3 faces au bois SparthermSpartherm Arte U-Series Fireplace

Also available in 3 different sizes, the Arte U-Series 3-sided glazed fireplaces offer an equally elegant design. These peninsula fireplaces offer a heating capacity varying between 21,500 and 57,500 BTU depending on the model chosen.

Your specialists in heating and 3-sided fireplaces

To enhance your decor, adding a magnificent 3-sided glass fireplace is an option of choice! Would you like expert advice on the best heaters on the market? Contact the Foyer Gaz team today!


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