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Best wall-mounted heat pump: Gree among the most reliable

Looking for the best wall-mounted heat pump to meet your cooling and heating needs? Acquiring a wall-mounted heat pump is a wise choice when you want to enjoy a comfortable nest all year round while reducing energy costs. However, if the heat pump offers unparalleled performance in terms of energy savings, it is also important to choose a quality device to take full advantage of its advantages.

Best wall-mounted heat pump: Gree top the list

At Foyer Gaz, our choice fell on the distribution of Tosot by Gree brand, recognized for its reliability. We are very pleased to see that the study of Protégez-Vous about heat pumps supports our position. This study, which evaluates the reliability of several heat pump brands, confirms that the Gree heat pumps remain among the best on the market.

Brands appreciated for their reliability

No one likes when their heat pump breaks down. In this regard, consumers are of the opinion that the Gree brands are distinguished by their high reliability: the vast majority of owners of these wall-mounted heat pumps have not experienced any problems with their devices during the first 10 years. What’s more, 93% of owners of a Gree heat pump recommend this brand for the purchase of a wall-mounted heat pump, which male it one of the most appreciated brand by consumers.

This is an excellent opportunity for people looking for a reliable and durable heat pump!

Low risk of breakage

More good news: Gree  heat pumps have a low risk of breakage. With only 3% of major failures, Gree devices are the least likely to experience major failures.

In comparison, Fujitsu and Trane also have good reliability ratings, at 74% and 70%, but their risks of major failure are higher (15% and 22%).

Frost, leaks and noise… with other brands

Among the difficulties mentioned by users during the study: persistent frost problems on York and Carrier units, leaks with the Fujitsu brand and occasional noises that eventually get worse in the case of LG and Lennox heat pumps. Needless to mention, this kind of complications require frequent repairs, greatly affecting consumers’ quality of life.

The best wall-mounted heat pump is not necessarily the most expensive

When it comes to evaluating the cost of heat pumps, the Tosot by Gree brand stand out for its excellent value for money. On average, these two brands fall within a reasonable range, making them accessible to many consumers looking to invest in a sustainable heating and cooling system. Thus, by opting for a Gree heat pump, you can benefit from exceptional reliability without breaking the bank!

Wall-mounted heat pump: can you trust the warranty?

The warranties offered by heat pump manufacturers are effective for the replacement of defective parts such as the compressor, the condenser, the coil or the electronic board. Study participants who had major problems with their device took advantage of the 10-year warranty to make the necessary repairs.

Looking for a wall-mounted heat pump?

To learn more about wall-mounted heat pumps, or to get a quote, contact the specialists at Foyer Gaz today: we offer the best brands!