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Charcoal BBQ: Our Top Picks

As the first buds are showing up and warmer temperatures are finally setting in, for many, it’s time to get out the barbecue! There are many models of charcoal grills on the market. To make your search easier, here we present some of our best charcoal BBQ picks.

Why opt for a charcoal barbecue?

Why buy a charcoal BBQ rather than any other type of barbecue? The reasons are many. In fact, the charcoal barbecue is very versatile. But the number one reason many people love cooking with a charcoal BBQ is that delicious wood smoke flavor that soaks into the food. All pieces of meat, vegetables and other accompaniments can be grilled on the charcoal barbecue. Enough to make fabulous feasts for the family and your guests!

The benefits of cooking with a charcoal BBQ

Cooking on high heat or at low temperature

One of the particularities of the charcoal barbecue is that it can be used for all types of cooking: direct or indirect cooking, multi-zone cooking, and slow cooking at low temperature (perfect for the smoke flavor!).

An irresistible smoky flavor

Charcoal BBQ enthusiasts will tell you right away: nothing beats the unique taste of food cooked on charcoal. In addition, cooking with charcoal usually preserves the moisture content in the meat, the flesh becoming more tender and tasty.

In addition, the charcoal grill can also be used as a smoker. We add pieces of wood of various species to give flavor to food, and voila!

Charcoal BBQ: a top-of-the-range collection for true grill lovers!

BBQ au charbon de bois Kamado Joe - Big Joe III


We bet you’ll make the neighborhood jealous with this superb charcoal barbecue!

The main features of the Kamado Joe charcoal grill:

  • Made of 24″ Big Joe III ceramic
  • Stainless steel grid
  • Total area: 904 in2
  • Main Grids: 452 in2
  • Premium quality heavy-duty galvanized steel trolley
  • Powder coated aluminum side shelves
  • Very robust and corrosion resistant shelves


BBQ au charbon de bois Kamado Joe - Classic IIThe Kamado Joe – Classic II Grill and Smoker offers the same features as the Big Joe III Charcoal Grill. Its format is simply smaller.

The characteristics of the Kamado Joe – Classic II grill:

  • Made of ceramic Kamada Big Joe 24 in
  • High quality ceramic
  • Cast iron trolley and lockable wheels
  • 2 half-moon cooking grids: 904 in2
  • Divide & Conquer
  • Patented pull-out ash pan


Fumoir Regal charbon de bois 500 avec four latéralAnother essential for the summer season: the Regal charcoal smoker from Broil King. Strong, durable construction, killer style and unparalleled cooking versatility.

Other Broil King Smoker Features:

  • Smoker with Offset Grill
  • Ultra-spacious cooking chamber
  • High cooking performance
  • Reversible Heavy Duty Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • Total cooking area: 1000 in2
  • Removable ash pan in both chambers


Although they have been around since the 80s, pellet barbecues have long been the preserve of experienced cooks and professional chefs. Today, however, pellet BBQs have become more popular! Their versatility, reliability and ease of use have won them many followers, even among beginners. On the market, the manufacturer Louisiana Grills designs wood pellet barbecues that stand out from their competitors. Here is an example:

Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200 Pellet Grill

Also available in a smaller size, the Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200 Pellet Grill features premium technology, rugged construction, and premium design. In fact, Louisiana Grills BBQs have it all!

Other features of the Louisiana Grills Pellet BBQ:

  • Even heat distribution for impeccable cooking
  • Direct and indirect cooking with SearTech™ technology
  • Temperature ranging from 180 to 600°F
  • 1205 in2 cooking area
  • Touchscreen and WIFI control
  • Louisiana Grills® Pressure Cooking System™

Need advice on buying a charcoal BBQ?

This summer, say yes to the joy of cooking outdoors! Contact the specialists at Foyer Gaz and for get more information on the barbecue models offered. Looking forward to helping you!


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