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Outdoor wood fireplace: What to choose?

Looking for warmth and atmosphere for your evenings outdoors? An outdoor wood-burning fireplace could be the ideal solution for you!

With the variety of models available on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. To make your life easier, our team has selected for you models of outdoor wood-burning fireplace and other types of outdoor fireplaces from the most reputable brands.

Hearth & Home Technology

Available in a wide selection of sizes and styles, Hearth & Home Technologies can be customized: safety screen, ceramic stones or driftwood logs, the options are endless!

outdoor gas fireplace VillawoodEquipped with LED lighting, they are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere. Finally, the stainless steel gives them increased durability.

Hearth & Home Technology

Villawood outdoor gas fireplace

Available in two sizes (36″ and 42″), this fireplace can be used with natural gas or propane. The fireplace is equipped with electronic ignition and a security system.
outdoor fireplace gas Lanaï

Lanai Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Modern and easy to use, the Lanai outdoor gas fireplace also offers the advantage of being customizable with several stone and log options. It is offered in one size, 48″.

HeartstoneTech outdoor wood fireplace: between tradition and innovation

 Zenith outdoor wood fireplaceAnother range of outdoor fireplaces offering distinctive and high-performance products: the HearthstoneTech pits. Here are two noteworthy models:

The Zenith Fire Pit Grill is a contemporary style outdoor fire pit featuring an integrated stainless steel cooking surface. A control system is used to regulate the height of the flame and the cooking heat.

The Meteor Fire Pit Grill is a traditional style outdoor fire pit consisting of a large fire pit and a stainless steel cooking grate. It also has a control system for the flame and the intensity of the cooking.

SimpliFire® Forum Electric Outdoor Fireplace

Do you want to transform your terrace into a sublime space for relaxation? With its elegant and user-friendly design, the electric fireplace Forum from SimpliFire offers all the advantages of an authentic wood-burning fireplace, without the inconvenience.
SimpliFire electric outdoor fireplace

SimpliFire® Forum Electric Outdoor Fireplace: the advantages

  • Available in two sizes of 43″ and 55″
  • Designed to withstand the elements
  • Choice of 4 flame colors and 13 ember bed colors
  • Choice of clear crystals or driftwood logs
  • Does not produce heat, very safe
  • No smoke, ashes or toxic gases

outdoor fireplace TN Industry wood

TN outdoor wood fireplace: quality and durability

Finally, among the best brands of outdoor fireplaces, we find the TN fireplaces. Quality fireplaces with an abundance of models, different features and a varied price range for all budgets.

Among the best features of TN outdoor fireplaces are:

  • Quality materials
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Eco-friendly materials

Does an outdoor fireplace that does not rust exist?

Rust-resistant fire pits are usually made from stainless steel, aluminum, or ductile iron, as these materials are known to resist corrosion. But apart from the quality of the materials, maintenance is just as important to enjoy an outdoor fireplace that does not rust.

Looking for an outdoor wood-burning fireplace to enjoy the summer?

Contact the experts at Foyer Gaz for the best advice on choosing the outdoor wood-burning fireplace that will meet your needs!