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Profile of one of our suppliers: Gree, expert in heat pumps

Investing in a quality heat pump is essential to benefit from lasting comfort while reducing energy costs. At Foyer Gaz, we are committed to offering the best brands of heat pumps on the market.

Among them, Tosot heat pumps by GREE stand out for their exceptional qualities. A true world leader in heating and air conditioning systems, Gree combines innovation, sustainability and residential and commercial comfort solutions 100% adapted to the Canadian climate.

Curious to know more? Find out here why Gree products rank among the best in the world!

Gree Heat Pump: No. 1 worldwide since 2005

Since its creation in 1991, Gree has quickly established itself among the best heat pump manufacturers. Today, with 100 million customers in 100 countries and regions, and a range of 7,000 models (including Tosot heat pumps, a subsidiary of Gree) divided into 400 series in 20 different product categories, we can say that air conditioners GREE largely dominate the world market.

Tosot heat pumps by Gree: Excellence and quality

In a constant pursuit of excellence, Tosot by Gree is committed to developing the highest quality heat pumps and air conditioning products in the world.

And to achieve this level of quality, the company has established an integrated quality control system: GREE manufactures all the key components of its heat pumps in-house.

This ensures consistency and superior quality control in the manufacturing of every Gree air conditioner.

Reliable and high-performance heat pumps

Another advantage of Gree air conditioners? Their unrivaled level of performance and reliability. Every day, GREE’s specialized research institutes and air conditioning system development centers ensure that each product offers the highest quality of performance. With Tosot by Gree, your winters will be mild, and your summers always cool!

Gree air conditioners also have massive production capacity: with its eight production plants located around the world, GREE is able to produce up to 27 million units of residential air conditioners and 2 million commercial units every year.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology with Gree wall-mounted heat pumps

Gree is a pioneering company that pushes its limits to create ever more innovative heating and air conditioning devices.

With a massive investment in research and development, and with more than 3,000 patents, 300 laboratories and 3,000 dedicated engineers, Gree heat pumps demonstrate an unwavering commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Air conditioning Gree: synonymous with environmental commitment

The innovative “G10 inverter” technology also reflects Gree’s commitment to energy performance and reducing the carbon footprint. An initiative that provides Canadian consumers with greener heating and cooling options. With some of the most ecological products on the market, Tosot wall-mounted heat pumps by Gree align with Canadian values of responsibility and environmental protection.

How much does a Gree heat pump cost?

What price should you expect for a Gree heat pump? First of all, let’s clarify one point: it is wrong to believe that you have to pay a fortune for a quality heat pump. By choosing a reputable brand recognized for its energy efficiency, you will have access to lasting comfort at an affordable cost. Even in order to encourage the transition to more sustainable energy sources, our governments have decided to offer people different subsidy programs for the purchase of a heat pump.

The price of your Gree heat pump will depend on the installation in your home or business and the power required, so it is best to request a quote (always free at Foyer Gaz!) to get a price.

Say yes to comfort with a Gree wall-mounted heat pump

Join the many Canadians who have trusted Tosot by Gree to improve their daily comfort! Contact us for more information about our Gree wall-mounted heat pumps and our wide range of products and services!



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