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Profile of one of our suppliers: Hearthstone Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Since its beginnings in 1988, Foyer Gaz has been committed to choosing only superior quality products for its customers. It is these prestigious ranges of products offered by our company that have largely contributed to building our reputation. Among them, we find Hearthstone, whose collection of wood stoves and fireplaces stands out for their artisanal and environmental virtues.

Discover here a portrait of this heartfelt company established in Vermont, whose mission embodies authenticity and commitment to sustainability.

Hearthstone stoves: soapstone to heat the house!

Do you know the magic of the “soapstone” as a heat distributor? At Hearthstone, each stove and fireplace is designed with soapstone, a natural metamorphic rock offering exceptional thermal properties.

With its many qualities, soapstone is widely used in the manufacture of stoves and fireplaces. Hearthstone soapstone wood stoves are valued for their ability to release heat evenly and sustainably.

HearthStone wood stove: what are the benefits of soapstone?

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High heat resistance
  • High durability
  • Pleasant aesthetics
  • Even heat

Between wood stoves and fireplaces, the choice is vast!

Would you like to heat without relying on electricity? HearthStone offers a wide selection of premium electricity-free space heating systems . Here is an overview of the most efficient and popular heating solutions to meet your needs.

Wood-burning stove: between elegance and convenience

hearthstone cuisinière à boisThanks to HearthStone wood stoves, you benefit from optimal comfort for cooking and heating without gas or electricity. Made of cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic glass, these wood-burning cookers combine durability and performance. Real shields to protect you against the rigors of winter, or the next period of ice!

HearthStone cast iron BBQ fire pit for the terrace

hearthstone foyer à boisDo you want to add a touch of refinement to your backyard? HearthStone cast iron BBQs will perfectly complement your patio design.

Their enameled cast iron surface ensures even heat distribution, for high-end cooking that will amaze your guests. A durable, easy-to-clean cooking surface will guarantee tasty meals and unforgettable evenings!

HearthStone wood stoves: perfect marriage between cast iron and soapstone

hearthstone poêle à boisHow do you explain the timeless style of HearthStone wood stoves? By the unique combination of soapstone and enameled cast iron! Since 1978, these high-end stoves have been distinguished by their solid construction, combining soapstone walls with a European cast iron casing. It is this fusion between the two which ensures uniform and lasting heat.

Hearthstone stove: really heavy wood stoves, a very efficient transport system!

For us, safety and health are paramount. At HearthStone, wood stoves are very heavy (over 500 pounds!). They require a perfectly adapted transport system.

To do this, our renowned installers Mathieu Chartrand and Jordan Rozon Rodrigue use the Zonzini system, an installation method which requires respecting specific conditions when installing cast iron stoves. The movement of the equipment is done without injury, breakage or marks on the ground.

Are you looking for a wood stove or cooker that stands out for its quality?

If attention to detail is one of your values, you will find the right fit at HearthStone. Each HearthStone wood stove, stove or fireplace is designed with rigor and attention to detail to meet the expectations of the most demanding. Contact our team to find out more!