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Profile of one of our suppliers: Jøtul Stoves and inserts

Since its founding in 1988, Foyer Gaz Climatisation & Chauffage has quickly risen to the rank of reference in the sale, installation and maintenance of gas , wood, pellet and electric fireplaces. Driven by a constant quest for excellence, our team offers superior quality product lines for its customers. It is in particular thanks to these renowned products that our company has built an enviable reputation.

The manufacturer Jøtul is one of these exceptional craftsmen. For 170 years, Jøtul has been manufacturing wood and gas stoves, as well as inserts and fireplaces appreciated by the most demanding for their comforting warmth.
Discover the portrait of this renowned manufacturer, whose high-end stoves help warm homes around the world, even where the cold is bitter!

Poêles à bois Jotul

Jotul wood stoves: a tradition of excellence

Since 1853, Jøtul has embodied excellence in the manufacturing of gas and wood stoves, gas inserts and fireplaces. Market leader for 170 years, Jotul combines know-how deeply rooted in Norwegian Nature, Culture and Craftsmanship. Their innovative vision and constant improvement of engineering techniques keep them at the forefront of the heating industry.

Jøtul’s Scandinavian stoves are present in 43 countries and on 6 different continents, constantly adapting to the diverse needs of its customers. Today, Jøtul has become an undisputed reference in the field of wood and gas heating.

Cast iron: for wood stoves that defy time

The cast iron used to make Jøtul wood stoves gives them exceptional durability, high thermal resistance and a strong ability to retain heat over long periods of time.

Jøtul Scandinavian wood stove: what are the advantages of cast iron?

  • Exceptional thermal resistance
  • Ability to maintain heat for a long time
  • Precise molding for a refined design
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Resists deformation even at high temperatures

Wood stoves and gas stoves: fusion of style and convenience

Jøtul Scandinavian gas stoves and wood stoves embody the perfect union of aesthetics and functionality, and their design combines combustion efficiency and the beauty of an artist’s work.

Jøtul offers a wide choice of wood stoves and gas stoves in modern or traditional designs. Among them, the unique GF 370 DV cast iron gas stove embodies the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality.Poêle à gaz en fonte GF 370 DV

The advantages of the GF 370 DV cast iron gas stove:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • View of the fire on three sides
  • Standard Skamol lined fireplace
  • No electricity required
  • Varied choice of elements: traditional logs, beach fire, river rocks, tumbled stones.

Inserts à gaz

Jøtul: gas inserts that match your decor

Jøtul gas inserts benefit from a modern and innovative design. These built-in fireplaces create a warm atmosphere while optimizing energy efficiency. Precise flame control provides personalized comfort, making Jøtul gas inserts an essential for a modern, yet functional fireplace.

An efficient transport system, minimal effort

Did you know that a Jøtul stove can weigh over 500 lbs? To guarantee their safety and prevent injuries, our renowned installers Mathieu Chartrand and Jordan Rozon Rodrigue have opted for the Zonzini movement system. The Zonzini system is a highly efficient system that ensures the safety of installers, cleanliness during movement, and prevents breakages and marks on the floor.

Are you curious to know more about Jøtul Scandinavian gas stoves and wood stoves? Contact our team of experts and get the best tips to stay warm this winter!