Gas fireplaces:
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More and more consumers in Quebec are choosing to install gas fireplaces in their homes. It’s not surprising considering that this versatile product is offered with three different types of heat: radiant (which comes closest to the effect of sunlight), forced air (consisting of a heating element and a fan) and convection (consisting of a single heating element).

At Foyer Gaz, we offer a wide variety of premium gas fireplaces of all different shapes and sizes (linear, thin, large, small, double glass, etc.) in a full range of styles from traditional to contemporary. You’re sure to find a gas fireplace to meet your needs and complement your décor.

Our gas fireplaces are manufactured in North America and include major brands like Marquis, Heat&Glo, Flare Fireplaces and Kozy Heat. Come discover all the different models on display in our showroom.

Enjoy heat that’s constant, uniform and pleasant with a gas fireplace that runs on natural gas or propane. Either way, you’ll be very happy with its energy efficiency. You can even regulate the ambient temperature with the aid of a wireless thermostat.

Gas fireplaces are practical and simple to use (they light with the push of a button and it’s easy to control the temperature). They also require less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces. What a wonderful way to stay warm, even during a power failure!

You can accessorize your gas fireplace any way you like. You have your choice of a wide range of doors, exterior shapes and decorative elements for the inside of the fireplace (including various colors of stones and glass, fake fireplace logs, ornamental rocks, etc.).

Our team of experts will perform the installation of your gas fireplace, in addition to providing maintenance and repair service for all the equipment we’ve installed over the past 30 years, mainly in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Valleyfield and West Island areas. Our service is safe, professional and in compliance with industry regulations.

Some of the gas equipment available at Foyer Gaz

Would you like to change out your old fireplace or add a new gas fireplace to your home?

One of our experts would be happy to assist you in choosing the gas fireplace that’s right for you.

Not sure what style you want for your future gas fireplace? Come discover the numerous available models on display in our showroom and meet with one of our home comfort specialists, who can provide you with all the advice and guidance you need.