Gas stoves:
For a unique ambience, comfort and easy

Discover our extensive range of gas stoves

At Foyer Gaz, we’ve been offering a wide variety of premium gas stoves of every style (modern, contemporary, classic, rustic, etc.) for more than 30 years, ensuring the warmth and comfort of our clients. Whether you want to warm up, stay warm or simply create a warm, welcoming ambience, you’re sure to find a gas stove to satisfy your needs and complement your décor.

Our gas stoves, which are manufactured in North America and Europe, include major brands like Marquis, Heat&Glo, Kozy Heat Fireplaces and Jøtul, all of which come with a guarantee. Come discover all the different models on display in our showroom.

Combine the authentic style of a wood-burning stove with the convenience of a propane or natural gas stove. Enjoy magnificent flames (with adjustable BTU) and a selection of decorative elements, including river rock, ground glass and a choice of fake logs in oak, birch or driftwood with glowing LED embers.

Gas stoves are practical, easy to use and easy to maintain. What’s more, they’ll keep you warm at all times, even during a power outage! You can control the heat easily with the aid of a wireless remote to regulate the flames, the fan, the thermostat, etc.

We offer gas stoves with three different types of heat: radiant (which comes closest to the effect of sunlight), forced air (using a fan) and natural convection.

Our team of experts will perform the installation, maintenance and repairs for any stove sold at our store and they’ll do so safely, professionally and in keeping with industry standards.

Overview of the gas stoves available at Foyer Gaz

Would you like to install a gas stove in your home?

Not sure which kind you should choose? Come see us and discover the numerous available gas stoves on display in our showroom. One of our professional consultants would be happy to assist you in choosing your future stove. They can give you expert advice regarding each model.