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At Foyer Gaz, we’ve been offering you the most complete selection of premium gas, wood-burning, pellet and electric stoves for more than three decades. You can count on our expertise and know-how when it comes to guiding you on the type of stove that will be the best fit for your home.

Whether you want to warm up, stay warm or simply create a warm ambience, we offer a full range of stoves to suit a variety of needs and fit in with any type of décor.

We have numerous models to harmonize with all different styles (modern, contemporary, classic, rustic, etc.) while providing you with warmth and comfort! The best news is that all of our stoves are guaranteed and in full compliance with the strictest environmental regulations currently in effect in Quebec.

Our team of experienced professionals will perform the installation, maintenance and repairs on your stove safely and in keeping with industry standards.

For an easy-to-maintain stove that provides a unique ambience, choose a gas stove. These models offer the additional advantage of ensuring your warmth and comfort even in the event of an extended power outage.

When you opt for a wood-burning stove, you’ll get remarkable heat and a relaxing ambience created by the dancing flames and the sound and aroma of burning wood. Best of all, you’ll stay warm, even during a power failure.

For the highest energy efficiency, choose a wood pellet stove.

For stylish design and a modern but timeless ambience, choose an electric stove.

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Foyer Gaz

For the best quality and service, choose Foyer Gaz.
Here’s what clients are saying about us…

EXCELLENT service by Bertrand . Nice to go somewhere and the person knows their stuff. He is the Pellet stove specialist. Very polite and took time to hear what I wanted and gave good detailed explanations. It’s nice to go somewhere and they don’t force a product on you.
– Hank Johnson (traduit de l’anglais)

Choose the type of stove that suits your needs

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Our gas stoves, available with three different types of heat (radiant, convection or forced air), provide pleasant, uniform warmth throughout your home. What’s more, gas fireplaces are economical and easy to use and maintain. They’re a wonderful way to stay warm, even during a power outage!



The wood-burning stoves we offer at Foyer Gaz combine beauty and simplicity while providing remarkable warmth throughout the home. Our full range of energy-efficient wood-burning equipment includes models to fit any décor and any budget.

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Select a wood pellet stove for more efficient heating. As a matter of fact, these stoves can operate continuously for 48 to 72 hours (depending on the capacity of the hopper and the amount of heat required). They’re also an economical choice and a good way to reduce your energy consumption.

poêle électrique Dimplex


Opt for one of our traditional electric stoves to add a touch of rustic or country style—as well as constant heat—to any room of your home. These often compact stoves can be easily moved from one place to another. Come see one at work in our showroom.

poêle électrique Dimplex

Discover the wide variety of stoves on display in our showroom.

If you need information or advice, contact one of our experts or, better yet, come pay us a visit and check out one of the largest showrooms in Quebec.