Wood-burning fireplace inserts:
Remarkable heat with the aroma and
crackling sounds of burning wood

The charm and beauty of natural flames!

At Foyer Gaz, we offer a variety of premium energy-efficient wood-burning fireplace inserts combining charm and elegance, with models available to fit any décor and any budget. Our wood-burning fireplace inserts are made by some of the largest manufacturers in Quebec (Supreme, Osburn and Olympia Chimney of Canada), the United States (Hearthstone and Lopi) and Europe (Jøtul and Spartherm). Come discover all the different fireplace inserts on display in our showroom.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts boast irresistible charm, adding a touch of natural elegance to your décor and offering a pleasant, soothing ambience and a moment of relaxation and comfort, thanks to the gentleness of their unique type of heat, the pleasant aroma and crackling sounds of burning wood and the dance of the flames in the air.

In addition to their undeniable charm, they’re also one of the most efficient means of heating anything from a single room to an entire home. What’s more, your home will remain perfectly warm and comfortable even in the event of a power outage.

Having a wood-burning fireplace insert installed means opting for the most ecological and economical way to stay warm (since wood is the least expensive fuel on the market)! In fact, because of the carbon cycle, wood is a source of energy that produces net-zero carbon emissions. This means that, as wood burns, it simply releases the CO₂ that it absorbed while it was growing. Likewise, the ash from burnt wood contains heavy metals and volatile organic compounds, such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Wood is also a form of renewable energy with a minimal ecological footprint.

At Foyer Gaz, our professional technicians will install, service, and repair any fireplace insert sold in our store safely and in full compliance with the highest standards of the industry.

Overview of the wood-burning fireplace inserts available at Foyer Gaz

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