Electric fireplace inserts:
For pleasant heat and a comfortable ambience

Steady warmth combined with modern style

At Foyer Gaz, we offer a number of premium electric fireplace inserts to match your style and meet your needs.

Although electric fireplaces can help keep you warm, they’re primarily decorative elements designed to create a peaceful ambience. They can easily adapt to all styles of décor, ranging from traditional and rustic to modern chic and contemporary.

You can also choose from numerous accessories to enhance your interior design according to your wants and needs. You can accessorize your electric fireplace insert any way you want with choices in flame colors (LED lights in graduated shades of orange and blue) and decorative elements for the inside of the fireplace, including various colors of river rock and glass, fake driftwood or oak fireplace logs, ornamental rocks, etc.

Thanks to modern technology, the flames are surprisingly realistic with a three-dimensional appearance. You can easily adjust their intensity using a convenient remote control. An electric fireplace insert is without a doubt the easiest kind of fireplace insert to use. What’s more, it’s the healthiest option since there’s no burning and, therefore, no fumes or smoke in the air.

At Foyer Gaz, our electric fireplace inserts, all of which come with a guarantee, are made by two of the largest manufacturers in North America, Dimplex and Heat&Glo. Come see them at work in our showroom, one of the most beautiful in Quebec.

Our team of professional technicians will perform the installation, maintenance and repairs for any electric fireplace insert sold in our store in full compliance with industry standards.

Overview of the electric fireplace inserts available at Foyer Gaz

Would you like to install an electric fireplace insert?

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