Pellet stoves :
For healthy, pleasant, sustained warmth!

Out of respect for the environment!

At Foyer Gaz, we offer a number of different pellet stove models to efficiently heat your home. Our superior-quality equipment, available in classic, traditional and modern styles, will offer you exceptional performance for many years to come. You’re sure to find a model that will fit in with your décor and satisfy your needs. What’s more, pellet stoves are suitable for use in all different kinds of dwellings.

Increasingly popular, pellet stoves provide a source of heat that’s healthy, pleasant and efficient. They work by burning pellets made of compressed recycled materials, including sawdust and wood residue. A worm screw continuously pushes the pellets from the hopper toward the combustion chamber. The faster it turns, the larger the flames and the higher the temperature will be.

In order to function, a pellet stove requires electricity to move the pellets to the combustion platform. This type of stove can operate continuously for 48 to 72 hours (depending on the capacity of the hopper and the amount of heat required). For optimal performance and added comfort, you can even install these units with a wall-mounted thermostat (non-programmable).

At Foyer Gaz, we offer a vast selection of premium energy-efficient, eco-friendly pellet-burning stoves. Our stoves are made by some of the largest manufacturers in North America and Europe. Come discover all the different available models on display in our showroom. Our customer service personnel will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

When you purchase a pellet stove from us, our professional technicians can safely install, service and repair it in compliance with the highest standards in the industry. What’s more, all of our stoves come with a guarantee.

Overview of the pellet stoves available at Foyer Gaz

Would you like to buy a pellet stove?

Not sure which model you should choose? Come meet with one of our home comfort specialists and discover the numerous models of available pellet stoves on display in our showroom, the largest in Quebec. Our experts can give you judicious advice regarding each model to help you choose the one that’s right for you.