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Small wood-burning stoves: three high-efficiency options

The makers of wood-burning stoves haven’t hesitated to expand their reach by promoting compact models designed for use in dwellings that are of more modest dimensions or that are particularly well-insulated.

Below, you’ll find a comparison of the design, power and emissions of three different models of compact stoves, each offering a striking combination of high-efficiency and finely crafted looks!

The ASPEN C3 from Vermont Castings

petit poêle à bois Aspen C3 Vermont CastingsThe most notable feature of the ASPEN C3 is its firebox, which is longer than it is wide, making it very practical, as you can load the logs lengthwise. Speaking of length, it can hold logs up to 40.6 cm long, which is very rare for a compact wood-burning stove… Another significant feature is its thermal power of 35,200 BTU/hr., lending it a heating capacity ranging from 400 to 1,200 square feet.

But let’s return to its utterly remarkable design, which boasts a large window, permitting an excellent view of the flames, in addition to the timeless aspect of the cast iron material adorned with a sculpted design, giving the stove a handcrafted appearance.

Finally, with a burn time of up to 10 hours per load, this mini wood-burning stove is sure to satisfy your need for uniform heat, which you can verify with the optional magnetic stove-top thermometer. The only downside is its emissions. At 1.99 g/h, they’re not exactly best-in-class.

The INTREPID FLEXBURN from Vermont Castings

petit poêle à bois Intrepid Flexburn Vermont CastingsMore traditional than the previous model, this little wood-burning stove sets itself apart for its technical prowess and its looks, which could very well be determining factors when it comes to making your final selection. First, we should mention that you can load it from above, which not only makes it easier to use but also helps it contain the smoke and ashes. Its maximum 8-hour combustion capacity is offset by its 37,000 BTU/hr. thermal power, which can cover an area of 600 to 1,800 square feet. You should also note that, when you use logs of the recommended 35.5 cm length, they’ll be very easy to store and handle.

With regard to the design, it’s a real show-stopper. And with a choice of four finishes, you’re sure to find one that will harmonize perfectly with your décor. Another notable difference in relation to the previous model is its emissions of only 0.6 g/h, which you can further reduce to 0.3 g/h by adding the optional catalytic performance pack. If you’re the classic, efficient type, this is definitely a model worth considering.

The Spartherm-600-MO

petit poêle à bois SparthermWhen it comes to the small wood-burning stoves currently available on the market, Spartherm proposes the ideal combination of technology and design. The manufacturer has thought of everything in order to offer you a unique heating experience, with a magnificent glass front that will capture the whole family’s attention as if it were a TV screen. Meanwhile, the flexible design enables you to install it virtually anywhere you please. This stove transcends the role of simple accessory, becoming a contemporary decorative element.

The technical aspects are no less impressive, as the stove features a separate combustion air inlet, thermal power of up to 47,000 BTU/hr. and emissions of only 1.67 g/h. Most importantly, it meets even the strictest environmental standards. Don’t hesitate to consider this model, which allies style, clean energy and fully adjustable heat.

Expert advice on choosing a wood-burning stove

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